Les Puces

Creating a home that tells a story is not something you can buy – you have to hunt. Honing your eye and waiting to find the perfect pieces that you absolutely love, mixing styles that speak to you with reckless abandon. We believe in this personalized philosophy of home design, and it’s how Shane approaches his search for beautiful furnishings.

French Antiques - Interior inspiration found on Pinterest.

French Antiques – Interior inspiration found on Pinterest.

A long time destination of treasure hunters worldwide, the ramshackle experience of France’s flea markets is infamous. Combing the markets in Paris’ Saint Ouen and Montpellier, Shane has found some of his most unique treasures, like this incredible, convertible, 19th century daybed. These gorgeous chairs are stunning example of quality and ingenuity, dating back to a time when home furnishings were built by artisans.

French Chair Collage

The history of the flea market originates in the outskirts of Paris in the late 19th century. Chiffoniers were the riff raff of the time – they stole through the night, exploring the discards of chic Parisians, and collected the most interesting and valuable things they could find. Setting up makeshift shops in their shantytown homes, the ‘Moon Fisherman’ created what has become Paris’ most known flea market.

The Vivant - Paris Flea

A beautiful shot from The Vivant

Chic Parisians soon took notice of the intriguing makeshift market and trips to look at the eclectic wares soon became a weekend pastime. The one drawback to the endless sea of fascinating curiousities – the fact that these discarded finds were frequently infested with fleas. The pastime and the market itself developed a nickname ‘Fleamarket’ or ‘Les Puces des Paris’.

Gorgeous ceramics at the Paris Flea.

Gorgeous ceramics at the Paris Flea.

The fleas are gone, but the finds remain, from interesting trinkets to gorgeous examples of classic French design. Accessories for the home, vintage books and oddities that are one of a kind, the thrill of the hunt is still our favorite way to shop. Making the pilgrimage several times yearly, Shane continues to hone his keen ability to spot a diamond in the rough, visit us in our showroom and discover our latest flea market finds…


Images via The Vivant and Bonjour Paris.

Louis Vuitton

“Securely packs the most fragile objects. Specializing in packing fashions.”

Louis Vuitton Big Daddy's Antiques

Vintage Louis Vuitton trunks from BD Antiques.

This was the sign on Louis Vuitton’s first Paris store. In 1835 at the age of 13, Louis Vuitton left his home in the provincial French town of Anchay and walked almost 300 miles, over the course of two years, following his dream of a better life in the City of Lights. Less than twenty years later he had created his destiny, as the inventor of modern luxury and the packing and boxing master of Napolean Bonaparte’s Paris.

Sig Bergamin's home in Brazil, featured in Architectural Digest.

Sig Bergamin’s home in Brazil, featured in Architectural Digest.

In Paris, Vuitton found a city that was in the throws of extremes, great wealth and opulence and abject poverty. The Industrial Revolution was in full swing. Louis was personally chosen by Eugenie de Montijo (the Spanish countess and Empress of France) as her personal packer, and charged with the responsibility of “packing the most beautiful clothes in an exquisite way.”

A Vuitton steamer as a coffee table from Japanese Trash.

A Vuitton steamer as a coffee table from Japanese Trash.

Around that time he married, opened his first store and developed his signature trunk. Made from a treated canvas, that was more durable than leather, and with a new rectangular form that made it easy to stack and store. Louis Vuitton created his classic steamer trunk and the birth of modern luggage.

Vuitton suitcases as a charming bedside table in House Beautiful and vintage LV riding boots.

Vuitton suitcases as a charming bedside table in House Beautiful and vintage LV riding boots.

By 1860 Vuitton’s business had already undergone a major expansion and international acclaim. The business of Louis Vuitton continued to grow and become synonymous with luxury. When he died in 1892 his son George took over the family business and, soon after, created the iconic LV logo. George followed in his father’s innovative footsteps and also developed a patent in 1890 for a tumbler lock that is said to be ‘unpickable’ and is still the standard used today.

Vreeland and Hepburn Collage

Diana Vreeland and Audrey Hepburn, two classics with their classic LV’s.

In 1914 Louis Vuitton opened their first store on the Champs Elysee and officially secured their position as the worlds most luxurious travel brand, favored by royalty, movie stars, and luxury seekers worldwide.

Louis Vuitton our way at Big Daddy's Antiques.

Louis Vuitton our way at Big Daddy’s Antiques.

New Container 4/6/2014

Another container from Texas has arrived! This shipment includes club chairs, neon signs, artwork, cabinets, tables and more!


Shane & Kristine, aka Mr. and Mrs. Big Daddy, have been busy! A new container has just arrived at Big Daddy’s Antiques Los Angeles showroom! From unreal table tops and bases to taxidermy this container is rough and ready to go. We hope you enjoy some of our finds! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to find out more about our products, or contact us at sales@bdantiques.com with a link to the image for reference!IMG_9996

Big Daddy’s Antiques and LIBERTY FAIRS

Back in January, Big Daddy’s Antiques had the pleasure of assisting in the curation of Liberty Fairs New York and Las Vegas trade shows.

Liberty Fairs, the newest brainchild of Sam Ben-Avraham ushers in a new era in fashion trade events. Its unparalleled commitment to community, service, education and innovation results in a 360o commerce-centric platform that propels the industry forward. It showcases the world’s best brands and attracts the best buyers with a focus on curation, exploration, education and brand storytelling.

Check out the recap of this year’s New York event:

Learn more about Liberty Fairs here.

Here’s some shots with our displays in use with our friends at Lot, Stock & Barrel:


Pamela Ferrari and her team at Pamela Ferrari Productions know how to throw a party. For her inaugural “Dining Experience”, Pamela pulled out all of the stops. This bash was equipped with everything but the kitchen sink… which Big Daddy’s most assuredly had lying around somewhere. From ice sculptures funneling chilled martinis and multiple live performances to our favorite – bottle serving moon dancers, each detail of the evening was exquisitely produced. Big Daddy’s was honored to be a part of this incredible Pamela Ferrari Productions event.

Be sure to see the event video for the whole experience.

For bookings and inquiries visit here

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Big Daddy’s Antiques First Annual DEALS DAYS!

So if you haven’t been to any of Big Daddy’s Antiques showrooms lately, let me tell you, we have A LOT of stuff. So much in fact that we are just flooding out the door with vintage and antique finds! We figured it might be a good time to do some spring cleaning. In other words, COME RUMMAGE THROUGH OUR STUFF AND GET SOME AMAZING DEALS!!!!! Big Daddy’s Los Angeles and San Francisco showrooms will be holding our FIRST Annual Big Daddy’s Deals Days! (say THAT 5x in a row!) It’s going to be an amazing two day event on March 8th and 9th. Yeah, we know we’re running into Rose Bowl territory, but if you don’t find anything there, hit up our LA showroom and you might hit the jackpot! But whether you’re in San Francisco or Los Angeles, get here early and let’s make a deal!

Deals Days

Event: Big Daddy’s Annual Deals Days

Date: Saturday, March 8th – Sunday, March 9th
Hours: 8am-5pm

Locations: LA 3334 La Cienega Place
                      Los Angeles, CA 90016
                      (P) 310.769.6600
                 SF 1550 17th Street
                       San Francisco, CA 91407
                       (P) 415.621.6800
*Light snacks and drinks will be available to energize you on your shopping expedition.

New Container Just Arrived!

New container has just arrived at Big Daddy’s Antiques Los Angeles showroom! Check out the cool vintage and antique items. We’ve got new leather sofas, chairs, tables, shelving, accessories, and more!  Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to find out more about our products, or contact us at sales@bdantiques.com with a link to the image for reference.